The Tournaments

When you decide to play a tournament, there are a number of things you will need to know. To get to the tournament screen, you need to go to the lobby, look in the upper right of your screen, and right next to the Fame Wall, will be the Tournaments link. One of the first things you will notice is that there are three different types of tournaments: Heads Up, Tournament, and Winner Takes All. Each one is a little different, and there are buy-in’s to match anyone’s credit. To play any of them you simply take into consideration what is the buy in compared to what your slot balance is at. If you have enough, it will let you play that tournament. While you are playing the tournament, you are able to do a rebuy-in twice, the first one costs you 2x, the second will cost you 3x your original amount. You do not get the chance to win any of the jackpots while in the tournament games, and if you choose the one you didnt mean to, or if you dont want to be in that tournament any longer you can return to normal play by clicking on the check out link on the top right of the game you are playing the tournament in. This does not void the points you have earned in that tournament, and it is still possible to win if no one else passes you in points in that tournament.

IMPORTANT: Your current Slot Factory balance is not gone when you enter a tournament, it is just hidden until the tournament is done.

Remember, there are basically only three steps to remember for playing tournaments.

Step 1. Go to the tournament screen.
Step 2. Check View Prize Info, choose a tournament and click enter tournament.
Step 3. Go back to lobby, enter a game, spin and enjoy!

Tournament Screen

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Heads Up type of play means that it is a one on one tournament between only 2 people, Winner Takes All is referring to the fact that there is only one winner and that is the person who ends up in first place, and Tournament is just the regular style of tournament play. Not every game can be played for every tournament, and not every tournament is available for every game. Some are for VIP games only, some are for non VIP games only, and some are for both. The best way to know what games each tournament is able to be played in, is to click on the “View Prize List”. This screen will tell you how much time is left on the tournament, how many people and who they are that are playing in that tournament, which games are available to play, the tournament buy in cost, how many chips you start it with, what the current top prize is, what type it is, and how many people that are left to join in. It is packed with all of the information you need to understand each tournament. There is also individual Tournament ID’s so that you are able to search quicker for the exact tournament you want, or are able to let people know which one you are in. This is on the bottom right of the view prize list popup. To click off that screen, just click in the upper right corner of it, or anywhere in the Registered Players part of the popup.

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Tournament And Prize Information

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Tournaments are completely time based, but that clock wont start clicking down until at least one person is in the tournament. Each winning spin will give you points, but does not add into your balance. Once your playing time for the tournament is up, a winner is chosen by having the most points. The buy-in’s for each tournament will range from $10 up to $50 billion, each tournament is between 2 and 50 players, and the credit that you play with ranges from $10 to $100. This is to ensure that every person entering into the tournament is on equal footing with every other person in the same tournament. In other words, it keeps it fair.

Tournament While In Game

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Team play is another part of the tournaments, you even get an icon next to your name in the game to show which team you are currently on. You can get to the team play area by first clicking on tournaments, then at the bottom center is the TeamPicker link. What you will see is a new window with the information about each team, how many people are currently on it and what their current score is. It will also show along the bottom which team you are playing for, and what your current personal score is up to that point, that is if you have already clicked the button to be put on a team. The process is random and will place you automatically on one. No matter which team you are playing for, it does not stop you from playing any of the tournaments with any other person, including someone from your team.

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Team Play Information

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